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Spaced out of the Patan area, an apartment at Thamel, the Thamel apartments is also a new addition to the charm of Thamel and its hospitality segment. Gauri Giri, Owner of the apartment states, "The length of stay here in Thamel is not as long as in Patan area but on average it is of 3 months. Well we hope in coming days we receive guests who would want to stay for a longer period, but it may take time as we are still new in this business and the kind of people who come here is very different to that of the ones who go to the Patan area." In addition he remarks that the clients feel like home in the hustle and bustle of Thamel as they get more privacy. The apartment at present receives tourists mainly from Germany, Holland and even Non Resident Indians.

Sunjuli Singh Kunwar